I got a Facebook page!

2012-10-19 17:24:29 by itsKris

Well, I actually got it a couple weeks ago now, but whatevs. Anyone who's a fan of my stuff, please feel free to check it out! I post my life drawings, finished paintings/pictures as well as their WIP stages and cartoons I've drawn!

Click here!

I got a Facebook page!

Latest News

2012-08-13 13:40:41 by itsKris

So, while I don't go on Newgrounds very often, I've recently been invited to go to a Fan Expo in Toronto later on this month.

Because of this I've challenged myself to paint as many awesome fan art paintings as I can beforehand so that I can sell prints! So far I've done 4 paintings in about 5 days (My Adventure Time painting took an extra day). Hopefully I can keep it up. Today I'm thinking of either painting Mordecai and Rigby from Regular Show or maybe Iron Man. Possibly something else.


2011-01-03 16:53:38 by itsKris

I'm lazy

New picture out

2010-04-11 15:42:49 by itsKris

It's a portrait of myself, about a week's worth of work. I started off by sketching out the outlines on paper, then i scanned that paper into the computer and from there, drew, shaded and coloured in photoshop with my tablet. Absolutely NO tracing was done, I'm quite proud of this one guyz :)

go loooookat it!!!

New Portrait

2010-04-07 17:03:57 by itsKris

Yooooo people of NG, just lettin you guys know I'm doing a new self portrait and in my opinion this one is KICK ASSSS!! You can't tell yet so you're probably like "pshh, whatevs kid" well WHATEVS TO YOU MAN!!! I'll let the picture do its talking once it's out, hopefully sometime this week, but you never know, my hair's a bitch to draw, let alone shade.

No I'm not giving you a preview :P you'll just have to use your imagination...but not too much, remember it's a portrait using realism, lol.

On the topic of animations, there's none in the making yet, but I have some ideas...just not great ideas :P

That's all the news for now peoplez, peace.

Posted my first flash submission

2009-12-04 20:10:58 by itsKris

I finally posted a video to Newgrounds :D I hope the video's well received, even though I know it's a piece of crap and I can do better if I really try. Anyways *celebrates*.

Posting a video soon

2009-11-29 12:16:57 by itsKris

Well, it's not the video I was talking about in my last post (doubt anyone read that one but whatever) anyways, this video will be my first submission to Newgrounds and I hope it gets accepted. I've finally got the audio and now I just need to do the actual animation :P

Well, I know how to use flash and I can animate quite well (in my opinion), but I've always been a huge procrastinator in working on any big projects that I can post to Newgrounds. I think a reason for this is that I'm afraid of failure. I want my first submission to be really well liked so whenever I don't think something's looking good, I quit it.

I hope to change this behaviour soon. I'm drawing a storyboard, then writing a script, then animating and I'll post it to Newgrounds in (probably) a couple months, whether I think it's top notch or not!!

Wish me luck :)

Oh, and if anyone knows a good setting for audio quality, could you let me know? That'd be really helpful to me.